Hello! I am Melissa Fisher Isaacs. This Capstone Portfolio is the culmination of two years of growth and hard work in pursuit of a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree. The artifacts showcased in this portfolio demonstrate my mastery of the Program Outcomes (PO) and Professional Values (PV) adopted by the Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management (SLIM), and my fulfillment of the requirements for the MLS through SLIM.

When I began the SLIM program in January 2011, I had already been working in libraries and museums for nearly a decade. My work experiences had given me the opportunity to try on many different hats within the library field—I have been a page shelving books, I have driven a bookmobile, I have created and delivered children’s programming, I have processed archival collections, and I have fielded the astonishing range of questions that comes to a public library reference desk. Despite my range of professional experiences, however, it had become apparent to me that attaining a Master of Library Science degree—a degree which imparts both technological savvy and information management experience—was a necessary next step on the path towards my intended destination: a position working with digital collections at a university-level archive or special collection.

Choosing to enter the SLIM program has already paid off for me: in August 2012, I was promoted into a professional position as the Librarian and Archivist for the Moore Reading Room in the Religious Studies department at the University of Kansas. In this capacity, I manage the print collection, supervise the student assistants who staff the reading room, teach information literacy sessions to undergraduates, and I am charged with the task of creating an archive for the department’s Religion in Kansas project. While I realize almost every day that I still have so much left to learn (and after all, isn’t that a great reason to become an information professional?), my journey through the SLIM program has given me the confidence that I have a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to draw upon.

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